100 Running Tips – Part 2 from 20

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  1. Watch runners in television.

Watching running competitions in the television is one of the best ways that you can do in order to get inspired in running. Thus, you should take note of the many running competition schedules today. By watching them in the television, you would soon look forward to running, and even joining in one of the upcoming events.

  1. Think about your running goals before going to sleep.

Just prior to closing your eyes at night, you should think about your goals in running, and how you are going to achieve them. When you sleep with that thought in your mind, by the time you wake up, you would be raring to go outside and start running. Do I every night, so that you will always look forward for the next day’s running.

  1. Running to lose weight.

Running can actually help in losing weight. However, you should not get discouraged if your weight would not go down immediately. This is because it may take some time before you experience weight loss with it. Thus, it is best if you combine it with a healthy diet, as well as performing other forms of exercise.

  1. Be prepared for tougher days.

Always remember that while you are trying to make progress in your running, there may be times when it seems too hard to achieve even just your short term goals. When this happens, you should not get discouraged and you should motivate yourself more. Aside from that, be optimistic that the next day would be better.

  1. Running with music.

If you want to have more energy while you are running, you should try listening to upbeat music while doing it. Music can actually boost your level of energy. Aside from that, if you are listening to music that you really like, then you may not even notice that you have already spent some time in running and have already covered quite a distance.

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