100 Running Tips – Part 4 from 20

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Child running for the waves

16. Purchasing socks for running.

Although most people focus more on buying the right kind of shoes for running, it is
actually very important to have the right kind of socks as well. When you use regular
cotton socks for running, it can lead to blisters on your feet, which is bad news. Thus,
make sure that you are buying running socks to pair with your shoes, so that you would
be able to run comfortably.

17. Ladies should not go for cheaper bras.

When it comes to running, if you are a lady, you should provide adequate support to
your chest. Thus, it is best that you purchase a bra that is designed for running, which is
made with good and quality materials. Even if it may cost as much as your running
shoes, a quality bra is still a very good investment.

18. Running clothes.

Running can become a more fun and exciting activity, especially if the clothes you are
wearing are comfortable. Wearing the right running clothes does not only mean being
comfortable with it. Your clothes should also make you look good, so that you will
become more motivated in wearing them as well as in running.

19. Buying running clothes online.

If you are on search for running clothes that are available at reasonable prices, then
don’t forget that online shopping can offer you that. Through internet shopping, you can
access running clothes conveniently. Aside from that, most online stores offer their
products at discounted prices, since they don’t have to deal with high operating

20. When to buy cheaper running clothes locally.

If you are searching for more affordable running clothes in your locality, you should try
to wait for sales events. If you have time to wait though, it is always best to shop at the
end of the season. This is because most stores would usually offer the previous
season’s products at bargain prices.


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