3 EASIEST Ways To Make Money Online Today

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What is up guys this is Joaquin Corrales and in this video We’re gonna go over the three ways that you can make money online today, and you need no money, no experiencen nothing at all all you need is a little bit of your time to invest and Learning what it is that I’m about to teach you and you’re going to be able to start making money almost Instantly so the top three ways to make money online and just before we start I want to say that these three ways that I’m about to go over are ways that I used to make a lot of money Online and even some of them. I currently still do today Okay, so these are things that not only have been working for a while But not a lot of people are using But things that you’re gonna be able to apply Today alright so the first thing that I want to be that I want to talk about is Let me put this here the first way that I want to talk about as far as making money online today, okay? How do you how do you make money online with no experience? How do you make money online without having a ton of money to put into it and that first way, okay? The first way to do that is by making Okay So what we’re gonna.

Do is we’re gonna be making Websites, okay, we’re gonna be making websites for other people and all guys. I know you may be thinking hey I have no idea how to make a website. I don’t even know how I landed on this YouTube video That’s how bad I am at using computers, and honestly it doesn’t matter okay making website is extremely easy with a platform called WordPress Okay, imagine It could be it could be broken down into three steps the first step is that you find a website that you like the second Step is that you upload the theme and the third step I guess there is no third step your website is already made and it’s that easy to make websites But I’m not going to teach you how to do this in this video, okay? I’m gonna link somewhere up here and also in the description to a twenty something minute video that I created Taking you step-by-step from absolute scratch on how you’re gonna be able to start making extremely professional websites from an absolute scratch having no experience at all I’m also gonna teach you in that video how to go out there and how to find Customers for which you’re going to be able to make websites for and this is actually something that I did When I was a lot younger one because it was extremely easy to do and two because it was something that to other people Seemed extremely hard right like right now.

Maybe for you looking at this video and thinking about it. You’re like oh My god making a website like what what is that right and? Because the common person thinks like that we’re gonna be able to charge from 500 to over a thousand dollars for a website That’s super easy to do once the steps have been put in front of you Okay, once the the path has been outlined on exactly what you need to do to make those websites And then the point after that you guys are gonna realize That the hard part after that is not even making the website says how do you get customers for these websites? But that’s also extremely easy, and I’m gonna link to a video up here That’s gonna. Show you guys exactly how to do that make the website from scratch no experience No money, so you can go ahead and you could use that to make money online today And how to find your customers For these websites now the second thing that I want to talk about as far as the second way to make money online today is Doing something called Shopify Shopify Dropshipping okay, and what Shopify dropshipping is is so what Shopify is if you have no idea what it is It’s an e-commerce platform.

Just a website where you’re able to go there You’re able to pay like $20 a month $30 a month and start selling things online like right now And what drop shipping is is the fact that you don’t have to hold any product, okay? So how we make money in an in the second way here is by selling stuff online But the best part about that is that we don’t need to hold any inventory right so it’s not like we need to invest $5,000 a thousand dollars on inventory just like if you were selling on Amazon to have it and then when someone orders send it to Them we’re drop shipping, okay? So this product is going directly from the supplier in China so the person who ordered it Wherever they ordered it right, and there’s a step that goes on to that like how do you set up your store? How do you find the products that are gonna be the most profitable? How do you run Facebook advertising? Which is extremely simple extremely simple to do and requires? Maybe like friggin $2 $3 to start In order for you to start making huge profits with Shopify drop shipping in the description and somewhere up here I’m also going to link to a three video series that I created on my channel on Exactly how you guys could start Shopify drop shipping, okay? I actually started a brand new store during back Friday that did a killing you guys are gonna be able to be walked through that Step by step on exactly how you’re gonna be able to set up the store to find the products They’re gonna be the most profitable and how to start selling okay Those are the three key points on way number two – make money online which is Shopify Drop shipping now the third way to make money online and this is actually one of my favorite Ways is going to be by doing email marketing okay? email marketing So you’re gonna be doing email marketing for Shopify stores, okay, and this is personally one of my favorites not only because you’re gonna have to use my software But because not a lot of people are doing this okay, and what this means is that? Remember that in way number two and step two there We said that Shopify was an e-commerce platform right a platform that people use to go on there and sell stuff really fast Well there are hundreds of thousands of people using this platform And they’re not doing any email marketing whatsoever So if you’re watching this and you’re a complete beginner and you have no idea what I’m talking about As far as email marketing all I mean is that someone has a store online Another person comes they buy a product from them the person who owns the store is not sending any Emails to the person that bought they’re not sure they’re not sending them emails to try and get them back to the store They’re not sending them emails to try and get that person to come and buy more stuff from them And this is extremely easy to do right.

This is just that the people that are using Shopify I have these stores that are making money. They either don’t know how to do it They’re too lazy or they they have no idea really right in a nutshell They have no idea what to do and it’s extremely easy What you actually have to do once you have that path outlined in front of you and again Just like with way 1 & 2 within the way number. Three which is email marketing I’m gonna link to a video somewhere up here I’m also gonna link to a video in the description on a step-by-step tutorial that I have on my channel on Exactly how you guys could use email marketing to start making money online today And guys these are the best three ways that you could start making money today And the best the the reason why these are the best ways is because these are not things that are super straightforward, okay And what I mean by that is that your grandma can’t just be like alright.

I’m gonna start making money I’m gonna start making money online making websites right and the harder something is not to say that these things are Because you have the path outlined with the videos that I’m providing for you in the training right in these free YouTube videos But just because this is not something that any random person. That is not seeking Improvement just like you guys watching this right now could apply means that you have that much higher of an opportunity Okay, people that are out there a random person on the street it’s not gonna have access to the 20-minute training in my youtube video whose that’s gonna teach you step by step on how to make a website how to drop ship with Shopify on how to do email marketing, and if you guys start doing this today Then you could very well reach Financial freedom by the end of next month by that month after that or the month after that as long as you stay consistent Doing this I mean when I was younger.

I was making from two to four thousand dollars sometimes per month Just making websites for other people and these websites would literally take me hours to make okay We’ll take me like two hours three hours to make Just because there were a lot of pages, but you guys are gonna realize that it’s a rinse and repeat process So it’s really easy with Shopify drop shipping It’s awesome because you have a Shopify store You’re able to get the products from From China send them directly to the person so what you have to worry about is like very small right It’s very small and then with number three all you have to do is set up these Automations right you set up the email marketing in a way that’s automatic for these stores right you don’t have to touch it even you just set it up one time and leave it and then you’re Making money monthly from these customers who have Shopify stores and in these three videos that I’m gonna link in the description and also somewhere On here I’m gonna show you guys how to do this exactly step by step How you gonna do this and to how do you get customers for this and guys these are the best three ways to make money? Online make sure you guys subscribe to the channel hit the notification about releasing videos daily.

I’ll see you tomorrow on the next one.

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