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Steins;Gate 0 anime PV 2 sub español

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December 2010 Beta universe line Okabe Rintarou after trying to save her countless times He ended up in a line of the universe where he finally surrendered. Line of universe in which I could not save (her) Sounding: ♫ Fatima, De Ito Kanako The laboratory of futuristic artifacts Presents Beta universe line The story of the “future” in which she… Read more »

Intro to History of Science: Crash Course History of Science #1

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Hello, and welcome to our new series—Crash Course: History of Science. My name is Hank Green, and I’ve wanted to produce this course for years. I’m obsessed with how people throughout the ages have uncovered truths about the universe and converted these into a wealth of technological wonders. This process has decreased the suffering of millions of humans—even as it’s… Read more »

An Elementary Explanation Of How Bitcoin Works


To most people, Bitcoin can seem like a financial concept made in a parallel universe. Yes, it’s a very complex and complicated concept, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to learn it. When you think about it, many people started off with no idea about bitcoins and how it worked. But look at them now, they’re probably investing left and… Read more »

Bitcoin Is The Future Of Money In Developing Economies


Bitcoin is fast becoming integrated into the everyday lives of people living in developing countries. With unstable and hyper-inflated national currencies, bitcoins are proving to be a much more viable solution to solving the financial woes of their citizens. Here are 4 reasons why Bitcoin has a massive appeal for the masses in developing countries: 1 – You Don’t Need… Read more »