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Benefits Of The B2B Online Platforms


B2B trade and business is the deal between two businesses for acquiring of raw materials or supplying partnerships with one another. This type of platform needs a mutual understanding along with a contract where either both the parties exert influence on each other or not necessarily do that. This decision is taken in order to lead the market and take… Read more »

What Is A Website Content Strategy? How To Develop It?


A digital marketing plan is incomplete without incorporating content in it. It shares a common podium with interface design, user experience, SEO, web marketing, content development, and public relations. It basically focuses on the creation, planning, governance, and delivery of content, which not only comprises the words on the web pages but also the usage of multimedia and images. It… Read more »

Impact of Smart Technology on Data Entry Processes


With evolving smart technologies, the entire process of rendering data entry services has become way easier. Smart technologies are now helping businesses strategically and economically by generating data from every possible source including mobile phones, industrial equipment, smart accessories and personal computers. Data entry services are considered to be “smart” on their responsiveness with respect to the incoming data. Businesses… Read more »

Much Ado About Rendang


It is interesting to see how a plate of nasi lemak rendang changes the fate of a person. From what supposed to be seen as a failure, Malaysians, Singaporeans & Indonesians are looking up at Master Chef UK contestant, Zaleha Kadir. Of course, there is a lot to learn from this rendang episode. From the beginning we had seen how… Read more »